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Currently, we list some prototypes we work on intermittently. More features to interact and experiment with these prototypes will come available later and on a project basis.

Rationale: This is a demo of a Natural Language Processing model to perform a binary sentiment analysis task.

Launch: Click on the image or the launch button to run the demo.

Basic Sentiment Analysis

Rationale: We've been chatting with an app we designed from the ground up since 2019. It is such a joy to chat with relatives on a privacy-centric platform. Although we don't have time for all the bells and whistles, we are reworking the app to be rebranded and open to the public.

Main developer: Yves

Hours per week: 0.5 hours

Expected launch: Around the holiday season - as soon as there is a longer break from actual work.

Future Social Network

Rationale: In developing countries, women engage less with STEM fields in general and building technological solutions in particular. This project is intended to help women overcome financial hardships by engaging more with technology. The first phase consists of providing online visibility tools to women owners of small to medium-sized enterprises. This effort will be paired with adequate education and the incorporation of mobile payment systems.

Main developer: Elodie

Hours per week: 1 to 2 hours (We put more time toward the more critical project design - beyond writing code)

Expected launch: Soon